Frédéric Wellens - Garden Gates

Today I'm talking about the song Garden Gates, the new single just released by

Frédéric Wellens

Before I would like to introduce you to Frédéric.

On 3 December 2021, Canadian singer songwriter Frédéric Wellens released his debut album Dark Overlay.

In addition to his work as a self-employed physiotherapist, Frédéric Wellens, who is based in Quebec, has been a passionate singer songwriter since his youth.

His acoustic fingerpicked folk songs and authentic lyrics immediately captivated me and I felt connected to them

Frédéric conveys his emotions with his soft and warm voice and after the very first notes I had the desire to get to know more of his music.

Dark Overlay contains 13 tracks. Turning Grey, Carried by the Wind and Happy on my Own with its amazing slide parts are his most successful songs on the album so far.

In his songs, Frédéric deals with the pandemic and the psychological stresses associated with it, and repeatedly emphasises the need for family and society to stick together and find a common way out of isolation.

In Carried by the Wind, he shows his pain over the much too early loss of his father.


Happy on my Own acoustic single was released at the beginning of January. The single contains the song in an acoustic version and the bonus track Beyond the Worst.

Frédéric wrote Beyond the Worst as a form of suicide prevention. The song was inspired by stories from his clients, who also specifically talked about teenage problems.

To put himself in the position of a family man having to deal with these dramatic issues in a song, he sees as a deterrent and wake-up call, is what distinguishes his excellent songwriting.

Another gem, his single Garden Gates, was released today. 

I asked Frédéric about his thoughts behind the song and about his inspiration for

Garden Gates.



"It's a positive song about finding love and growing old together!"


"The Lyrics are the hardest part in writing a song for me. But also, it's when the song really comes to life. I'm trying hard to say something meaningful but it doesn't come easy sometimes! I like these lyrics too, they are bright yet introspective and true to life and also, not overly positive to the point of being twee. And when people can relate to the song this is just icing on the cake I guess!"


"It's not directly inspired by one single story. Probably partly my own personnal story combined with the one from my grand-parents. Also, it's to highlight my philosophy about the acceptance of growing old, death,... and being at peace with this and hopefully not being alone in the process.“

Garden Gates is a beautiful song in which melody and lyrics complement each other wonderfully and fit together perfectly. The song's romantic lyrics created a beautiful film in front of my eyes. It is exactly the kind of music that makes me dream and grow a little hope and confidence again, something I needed so badly.



Garden Gates


'I took you down to the garden gates and we wandered in the fields 

It took a while, but I finally opened up my heart to you somehow


Like a butterfly that found a twist of fate on a chilly winter’s eve

You colored me out of my blues and gave me these colors up until now


   As we count the springs, watching the passing trains

   We’re sleeping late and we’re travelling by car or by plane

   Now we’ve reached the evening, running in the sun and the rain 

   We’re in a solemn state, leaving this behind, we lie down face to face


We drove around until your father’s lodge and we made love on the floor 

Then we went down by the lake and we kissed under a deep blue moonlit sky


I just needed some more of his finest scotch to tell you how I felt

Then we owned the night, wide awake, as we touched between these softly spoken vows


   As we count the springs, watching the passing trains

   We’re sleeping late and we’re travelling by car or by plane

   Now we’ve reached the evening, running in the sun and the rain 

   We’re in a solemn state, leaving this behind, we lie down face to face


   Leaving this behind, we lie down face to face‘

I had the honor of previewing Frédéric's latest project and I’m even more impressed by his creativity, constant evolution and determination!

Frédéric Wellens, an incredibly talented musician who inspires more and more people with his passionate music and thoughtful and profound lyrics and who definitely should not be lost sight of! ❣️

Follow Frédéric on his social media. 

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