I am

There are a few things which inspired me to create this blog. I‘m passionate about listening to music, especially acoustics from the Folk genre. Constantly discovering new music, sometimes I get submissions. Often I’m so fascinated that I listen to one song over and over again.

When I love a song, it’s forever

I listen to music all day when I don’t have to work because I can’t get enough of the great and incredibly sounds and harmonies. 

Very often I’m touched by the authentic and honest lyrics, and I’m impressed by the ability to express the feelings and thoughts in so much poetry.

I enjoy

In my Instagram profile you can find beautiful concert recordings and recordings of live streams. 


Attending concerts, especially the small intimate ones, gives me a lot of pleasure. Seeing my singer-songwriters live is something very special and brings me even closer to their music. 
I’m always very happy about getting to know artists personally after their concert.

My wish

I have been in contact with many artists for a long time on social media, get their latest songs as prae releases and with some I have a long-standing friendship.

My biggest wish come true seeing my beloved singer-songwriters live and meeting them in person. It's an indescribable feeling and intensifies my connection to their music. I was able to enjoy many, many of these magical moments in 2022 and will cherish these precious memories in my heart for a lifetime. 

I hope to relive more of these moments next year!


Another important point are the house concerts.

An absolute highlight is to invite my favourite musicians to a house concert at my home to enjoy their music in a small, comfortable setting with other music lovers, and to get to know them a little privately. 

This year I was able to organise five of these events, each one unique and very special.

For 2023 I have already fixed some dates with awesome musicians.

I’m very excited and looking so much forward to presenting their amazing music to my guests at these personal concerts in an intimate and cosy atmosphere. 

This is my favorite playlist

Especially the KAFFEEHAUSMUSIK playlist with over 5.8k followers is absolutely amazing.
When I created my Instagram profile in 2018 and started to promote the playlist with less than 200 followers at that time I never expected it to be so popular one day. I always get more recognition and praise for my music selection.