Tobias ben Jacob - Review live acoustic gig YouTube

Tobias ben Jacob präsentierte einen beeindruckenden und wunderschönen live acoustic gig am 24. April auf YouTube. 

Tobias hat mich gebeten, eine Rezension zu schreiben, die in seinem SofaConcerts Profil veröffentlicht wurde. 

Ich freue mich, dass ich ihn mit dieser Rezension unterstützen kann. 

Schaut euch die Aufzeichnung des Konzertes auf YouTube an. Link zum Video unten 

Wenn ihr Lust habt, Tobias live zu erleben, dann solltet ihr ihn schnellstmöglich für ein Hauskonzert buchen 💙



Tobias presented an impressive and beautiful live acoustic gig on YouTube on 24 April. 

Tobias asked me to write a review which was published in his SofaConcerts profile. 

I’m happy that I can support him with this review. 

Watch the recording of the concert on YouTube. Link below

If you want to see Tobias live, you should book him for a house concert as soon as possible 💙


Bruno Merz 


One of the first artists whose song I included in my KAFFEEHAUSMUSIK playlist on Spotify is @bruno_merz.

Bruno Merz grew up in New Zealand and has been at home in Canada for many years. 

Connected to the endless vastness of Canada, he feels inspired to write soulful harmonic and deeply touching folk music. 

I added his song Emmeline to my playlist on December 30, 2015. 

I’m very proud to have been able to support Bruno for so long. 

He draws his inspiration in addition to long walks in the Canadian wilderness from music of his favorite artists like John Prine, Waylon Jennings, Guy Clark and Townes van Zandt

Other songs of his like A Fable or A Billion Trillion Stars  and his incredible Townes van Zandt cover At My Windows have enriched my playlist in the meantime.

No Difference, a soothing dream folk song, is one of his latest releases. 

He has tried out new ideas and written a beautiful track defined by gentle electronic elements that will make you relax and dive right in the special mood.

I can not deny that I’m very happy to maintain many artist contacts. 

I was especially pleased to get in chat contact with Bruno some time ago and count him among my followers.


Thank you very much Bruno 💛



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In my Spotify profile you will find, among other things, playlists of artists whose music touches me unconditionally and without restriction in each of their songs.

In each of these 6 second clips, I‘ve tried to capture the uniqueness of these musicians. 

Therefore I’ve dedicated an extra playlist to them.

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