James Walker and his wonderful new album

Today the 2nd album by James Walker with the title Great Deceiver has released. 

With this album, which he has been writing since 2017, he hopes to present his listeners with a more mature version of himself and his sound. His poignant debut album English Bones, released in winter 2017 and streamed more than 10,000,000 times worldwide, received outstanding reviews in the Huffington Post and Overblown Magazine, among others.

He was inspired to Great Deceiver by songs from Copeland, Sufjan Stevens and Poches, among others. He was lucky to work on the album together with other artists like Richard Walters and Judy Blank. Richard Walters is a successful English songwriter who started his solo project in 2007. Since then he has released four albums. His music is featured in television series such as Grey’s Anatomy and CSI

Judy Blank, a close friend of Walker, is an aspiring artist from the Netherlands who has worked with other artists such as Mandolin Orange and The Wood Brothers. As on her debut album, James sings a song with her. 

Wild World is a beautiful indie/folk song, which was released as a single in January this year.

James reflects in his songs the circumstances of his life, from the longing he feels in a relationship to sad topics like the loss of close family members and the great sadness that results from it. During this time he has reached his physical and psychological limits but he doesn’t want to miss this experience and is grateful to have developed himself further. He has fully recovered from open heart surgery, where he had to deal with the question of his mortality. 

For next year, in the great hope that it will be possible again, he’s planning an extended tour. The closeness to his fans, the magical moments when the audience applauds and the many exciting and personal experiences he made during his performances are essential for his Well-being and Mental Health and cannot replace the live streams.

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