A Quick Intro

Frédéric Wellens - Alina
A Quick Intro · 27. Oktober 2023
Frédéric Wellens has released his latest single today after a long break. The song is called Alina and I would argue it’s one of his best ever!

Jason Sibi-Okumu - Old Ghosts
A Quick Intro · 28. April 2023
Today I'm featuring Jason Sibi-Okumu, a 33 years old up-and-coming artist based in Los Angeles on my music blog to increase attention on him here in Germany as well.

Mats Raynard - Playing for Her
A Quick Intro · 10. März 2023
Since I started playing the piano and taking piano lessons a year ago, I've been discovering more and more beautiful instrumental piano ballads.

Sam Krüger - You Make Time Go Down Easier
A Quick Intro · 24. Februar 2023
Anyone who has been following my music blog or my KAFFEEHAUSMUSIK playlist on Spotify for a while knows that I love discovering unusual voices and am always on the lookout for hidden gems.

John Muirhead - New Life
A Quick Intro · 17. Februar 2023
New Life, the new single from John Muirhead is out today on all streaming plattforms!

Frédéric Wellens - Destroyers
A Quick Intro · 10. Februar 2023
It doesn't matter if a story really happened, what really matters in a song is that its feels authentic. As a passionate music lover, a song has to touch something in me, I want to hear the story behind the scenes and, with the right scenario, I can connect with the song.

Ilan Bell - Through It All
A Quick Intro · 10. Februar 2023
When I first heard about Ilan Bell, I had a feeling I would get to hear one of the best singer-songwriters in New York. I had seen that he was collaborating with other acclaimed artists and was in the process of writing his own songs. And from what I’d heard about him, he promised to be a young talent having just finished his Masters in Songwriting and Production at Berklee NYC.

KING MARY - Close To You
A Quick Intro · 29. Dezember 2022
With the beautiful piano ballad Close To You the Hamburg band King Mary surprises us 2 days before the year 2022 says goodbye.

Jack Wotton - Elysian
A Quick Intro · 14. Dezember 2022
Happy Birthday Jack Wotton on your 29th birthday! ♥️

Michael Benjamin - It's Okay
A Quick Intro · 25. November 2022
Previously under the pseudonym Native, the singer-songwriter with Swiss roots now released music under his real name Michael Benjamin. On 11 November, It's Okay, the first single from his upcoming debut album The World Is Still Beautiful was released into the world.

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