This playlist means a lot to me. It exists since 2015 and is being promoted by me since 2018 via my Instagram profile. You will find:

  • Indie & Folk acoustics
  • LoFi
  • Alternative Folk  

Handmade music from all over the world. I support especially the unsigned artists. When choosing the songs I decide only by my heart. It has to trigger something and touch my soul. 

Let yourself be enchanted too! 💚

Double Hot Chocolate


  • Cozy winter folk

Christmas Folk

A harmonious mixture of alternative Christmas and winter Folk songs.

Let yourself be captured and enchanted by the special atmosphere of the pre-Christmas season.  

Are you ready for Christmas mood?

Indie Roadtrip

This playlist is my oldest. In it you can find

  • Indie Folk Pop/Rock
  • Alternative Indie 
  • Singer/Songwriter

Lately I‘ve received more and more positive feedback for my collection. That’s why recently I revised it again.

Come along on the journey!

Break Free

Break Free – Feel Free

A mixture of KAFFEEHAUSMUSIK and Indie Roadtrip and songs that impress me.

I limited the playlist to 100 songs and only one song per artist 🙂.
The cover stands for freedom – feel bird-free 

Lovely Tunes

Many of my favorite artists from my playlists have also composed wonderful instrumental music, which should inspire you to dream and enchant you a little bit. 

Just let your thoughts flow. 

Indie/Folk/Pop Deutsch

I‘ve been approached several times with the wish to create a playlist with German language songs. 

Many of you grew up speaking German and maybe you are happy about this playlist.

Some of you are not so familiar with the English language, so I created this playlist for this reason.


Meanwhile there’re so many excellent musicians who are dealing with German lyrics, maybe also because certain vocabulary, certain thoughts can be conveyed better in German language.


Every language has its own vocabulary and cannot always be translated one to one. 

Artist playlists

Here you will find artists whose music touches me unconditionally and without restriction in each of their songs.


Listen to them, maybe you feel the same way.


Therefore I’ve dedicated an extra playlist to these artists.