Morgan Finlay's Musical Journey - Spreading Joy and Optimism
Interview · 29. Dezember 2023
Morgan Finlay is an Irish/Canadian musician and his songs feature catchy, infectious melodies and strong, authentic lyrics. Morgan's music ranges stylistically from indie rock to pop and folk to acoustic singer-songwriter. Morgan Finlay's professional music career began more than 20 years ago. Since then, his releases have grown into an impressive catalog of 10 records, including 2 EPs and many singles. His songs reflect his eventful life as a globetrotter. He has been living in Germany for...

Vintz Desert - Do you know what showering and songwriting have in common?
Interview · 20. Mai 2022
Maryland indie-folk singer-songwriter Vintz Desert discovered his passion for storytelling during his time in the Marine Corps. His songs combine various elements such as love, heartbreak, and addresses aspects of mental health. With his emotive and expressive voice, he transfers his feelings and experiences to his audience and enters into a symbiotic relationship with them. Vintz Desert's second EP 'The Blue Journal' was released today. Beforehand, I had the great opportunity to listen to the...

Birds of a Feather - Their secrets for success - passion and love

John Muirhead - Always in a good mood and gets you singing, stomping and clapping along!
Interview · 25. Juni 2021
John Muirhead is a Canadian singer-songwriter who writes indie and folk music with authentic and meaningful lyrics. His repertoire ranges from fingerpicked romantic acoustic songs to folk rock songs with which he delights and enchants his audience. For the past year and a half, he has been giving fantastic online live shows on all popular social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Zoom. They are particularly characterised by John's interaction with his audience and his warmth and...

James Stephen - Mix some blues, a little bit of soul, lots of Americana and much talent and you get wonderful music by James Stephen!
Interview · 30. April 2021
James Stephen is an Americana artist who incorporates his passion for blues and soul into his music. The Stockport/UK based singer-songwriter has been interested in many genres of music from an early age, drawing inspiration from various genres and artists such as John Mayer, Phil Collins and John Butler Trio. He has carved out a unique style in his music. In my interview you will learn how James discovered music for himself and how he hasn't lost his motivation despite the pandemic. He talks...

Daniel Etherton - talented, inspiring and a happy man!
Interview · 26. Februar 2021
From the moment I heard Daniel’s voice last August in a rough version of one of his upcoming songs, I knew I had met a very special musician with incredible potential. Daniel asked me to support him on his debut. I supported him with all my might and to the best of my ability and it’s a great pleasure and excitement for me that today, after a long and intense process, he’s releasing his debut single Foundations. A wonderful friendship has been formed and I’m very excited to hopefully...

Mark Stephen Pelfrey - a marvelous interview about his thoughts, dreams and wishes!
Interview · 12. Februar 2021
Just under three weeks ago, Mark Stephen Pelfrey wrote to me and asked if I would do a blog interview with him for the February 12 release of his debut EP The Brave, The Bashful and The Coward. The time for this was actually quite tight, but I’m very glad that I’ve agreed to Mark. An interesting, informative and emotional interview with a very talented young singer-songwriter has emerged and I'm happy to now give you a little insight into Mark's thoughts and plans for his music. Mark...

Excited? You can be – in each question you will learn even more about these two kindhearted people
Interview · 18. Dezember 2020
This interview has been my heart’s desire since I had the idea for my blog. All the more I’m happy to finally share it with you today.

10 questions for Neil O’Shea
Interview · 15. November 2020
After a few seconds of listening I was absolutely impressed and thrilled by the melody and the pleasant voice of the singer. Spontaneously I wrote to The Nation Mourns and asked him to have an interview with me. He immediately showed interest. The Nation Mourns! – this is the artist name of the musician Neil O’Shea. Neil is an Irish singer/songwriter who recently moved to Berlin. On November 13th his debut single Ogre was released on all music platforms.