Bradley The Busker – Introduction & Single Release

Today the single Nice To Be Home by Bradley The Busker, which I’ve been waiting for such a long time, has finally been released. Bradley The Busker is an English singer-songwriter from the south west of England. I would like to tell you how I got to know Bradley. 

Shortly before the first lockdown started, I was made aware of Bradley by Instagram. His cover songs fascinated me immediately.

I was and still am absolutely thrilled to see my beloved singer-songwriters playing live. 
So I was there right away when Bradley announced his livestream on Facebook. Since this first live stream I’ve been a big Bradley fan.

I love his beautifully performed cover versions, of which he knows so many that you think you’ll never get to know them all. He gives the songs his personal touch and makes them his own in a unique way.

A short time later on March 1st Bradley released his debut single Sisters and Brothers. After he performed for me in the livestream Sisters And Brothers, this convinced me completely and I added the song to my KAFFEEHAUSMUSIK playlist.

One day Bradley wrote to me because he was thinking about sending me a copy of his single as a thank you for my loyalty in his live streams and for my support. I was very impressed with this gesture. After what felt like an eternity, the CD arrived.

Another song on this single is the song Nice To Be HomeI loved the song from the very first moment and have been waiting for the release ever since. 

This marvellous song is about friendship, about finding each other again after a long time and reminiscing. It’s nice to come home and be there. It‘s Nice To Be Home

Since that time I’ve been taking part in his weekly live streams almost regularly. Tirelessly he plays his and his audience’s favorite songs over and over again. He always has new ideas and loves to surprise his audience.

A livestream was compiled only from the desired songs of his loyal listeners. 
I’ve edited an IGTV of it.

He broadcasts his live streams from different places each time during the summer months. You can find all of his saved recordings on his Facebook page.

Bradley’s playing on the guitar is stunning. His fingers just float over the strings, almost acrobatic, despite frequent chord changes and sometimes two-handed playing on the guitar neck. 
It’s a harmony of perceived lightness of tone color, yet played technically perfect, a very individual  and special sound experience.

In a very special livestream he was supported by the drummer Barclay Wood. The sound experience reached an even higher dimension. 

After the lockdown was loosened, Bradley planned a small tour through Germany. Of course we arranged to meet for the house concert. It was all organised for September 18th. My guests, who had even booked from Hamburg, couldn’t wait to see him live.

Unfortunately the concert had to be cancelled at short notice due to increasing corona numbers and postponed to next year. We were all very disappointed, but are full of confidence that the house concert will take place next year. You can look forward to a detailed report here in my blog. 

During the livestream break Bradley toured England with his self-built camper and enjoyed finally playing in front of an audience again.

Tonight he will start his weekly livestream for the third time since the second lockdown started. I’m very happy that he has resumed this old habit. Friday nights were only half as nice without him and his music.

Looking very much forward to his performance of Nice To Be Home TONIGHT ❤️

All releases by Bradley you can find on his Spotify profile and on my KAFFEEHAUSMUSIK playlist.

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