Genesis Ritchot - Decades And Chance

Most people dream of great eternal love, of security and of sharing one's place in life with someone very special. 

For some, it remains just a dream. 

Genesis Ritchot has released his most personal song ever written What My Parents Had

on his third album Decades And Chance today!

From the separation of his parents and the desire to find lasting happiness he reveals to us his deepest longings. This song gets under your skin so much and shows how sensitive, subtle and emphatic Genesis is.


A true treasure that closes Decades And Chance and completes the album along with other gems like Kitchen Sinks, Aisle Four, Robin, If You Cared, Drips and Drops and the

Touch of Your Lips collaborated with his brother Yanny Ritchotwhich have already been released as singles. 

Some listeners only notice the lyrics after they have heard a song several times. 

When a song touches me as much as What my Parents Had does right after the first few piano notes, I just have to listen very carefully. 


This devotion and love for the music does something to me, it makes me come a little bit closer to the artist, just as far as he allows it. It‘s an indescribable very special experience, and it enables for a very valuable exchange of ideas, for which I’m absolutely grateful to Genesis. 

Genesis added two more new songs to the album.


Words Over Melodies is about this indifference and lack of attention to the lyrics and

Little Girl, a song about caring for someone special.

With Decades and Chance Genesis has followed a certain concept. 

I asked him to describe to me in a little more detail his motivations and ambitions for the album.



"In this era of releasing singles every few weeks, an album is often a compilation of all the songs an artist has put out in a certain period of time. Whether or not they will blend together depends on how it was planned.


Almost all the songs I’m putting on this album were planned to be there before I started recording them. However, they don’t have all the same feel and vibe. My goal is always to have fun and try new things, so if a song feels like it could benefit from a certain instrument, I won’t hesitate to try it even if it’s not on any other song on the album.


In this case, I think this album is the best representation of who I am as an artist, because I tried to blend elements of every genre I like into my favorite one: folk. The title

Decades and Chance is based on both lyrics and vibe. For example, songs like Robin and

Drips and Drops talk about the concept of chance and timing over years while also giving the audience pieces of musicality based on different decades (Classics singer-songwriter structure from the 60’s/70’s, synths and percussions from the 80’s and intimate falsetto vocals that we can here in today’s indie folk music).


This is the outcome of listening to a lot of Novo Amor, John Mayer, Cat Stevens and 80’s soft rock songs.“

Enjoy the full album Decades and Chance by Genesis Ritchot!

If you've never heard of Genesis, get involved with his music. It will impress and fascinate you.  

If you love his music and appreciate him as an artist, enjoy his latest tunes! 

Decades And Chance is a masterpiece by a very talented aspiring artist who loves to push his limits as a musician and keep discovering new sides and talents in himself and keep developing! 💙

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  • #1

    Laura (Freitag, 23 September 2022 17:30)

    Thanks for the great and emotional Artikel. ♥️wonderful song ♥️

  • #2

    Frederic Wellens (Montag, 26 September 2022 04:14)

    A wonderful article Susanne that pays a real hommage to Genesis's new album and shows how much you sincerely love his music. A very wonderful album indeed. And I got to discover him through you, so thanks for that!

  • #3

    Rommy (Montag, 26 September 2022 11:54)

    Die Vorstellung des Albums weckt großes Interesse sich diese wunderschönen - einfühlsamen Songs anzuhören- erst Recht wenn man weiß welchen Hintergrund diese Songs haben. Vielen Dank für diese tiefgründige Vorstellung und Genesis ganz viel Erfolg mit der neuen Platte ���

  • #4

    Niko (Samstag, 01 Oktober 2022 14:53)

    Fantastic write-up �❤️