Michael Benjamin - It's Okay

Previously under the pseudonym Native, the singer-songwriter with Swiss roots now released music under his real name Michael Benjamin. On 11 November, It's Okay, the first single from his upcoming debut album The World Is Still Beautiful was released into the world. 

It's Okay impressed me immediately with its catchy melody full of beautiful harmonic chord patterns. At the beginning, Michael's soulful voice is accompanied only by an acoustic guitar and gentle synthesizer sounds, but then the song pours into a great flood of enveloping harmonies. The music builds to a full sound with atmospheric synthesizers and gentle percussion.

My heart overflows every time I listen to this song even after countless times. 

Michael is a master at igniting those feelings in you.

His songs are often filled with a deep melancholy that tenderly envelops you and makes you want to linger. 

Building a song as a crescendo, as Michael does perfectly, is a feast for the senses for every passionate music lover. 

In It's Okay, Michael describes a certain insecurity that sometimes comes over us in particular situations and has control over us and the resulting helplessness because you think you are powerless against it. 

Finding a balance is often very difficult and you can only try to find the best way for yourself. 

Michael has found this way for himself in songwriting. 

Michael wrote a few lines about the genesis of It's Okay.




"I wrote It's Okay a few days before heading to the studio to record my upcoming album. My gear and stuff was packed and I wasn't planning on adding or writing another track. At the time I had a bunch of different things going on that were stressing me out and to calm down I started to play guitar. And somehow I ended up with the song It's Okay. And it only felt right to record and use it for the album.“

If you don't know the music of Michael Benjamin yet, you should definitely listen to his entire catalogue, including his gem Ocean, his most successful song to date with over 2.5 million streams on Spotify. 


Ocean appeared on the EP Departure in 2018 and was additionally released in an acoustic version in January this year. 

Another music project of the Swiss is Streets of Roya, where he makes dreamy-melancholic, tender indie pop at its best.

Poly Augustine is Michael Benjamin's latest project. 

He has been writing and releasing songs in his native language under this name since 2021.  

A number of collaborations with other artists have also been released, including with James Ghareeb and most recently with Karo Lynn, with the song when i think I'm close

released today.

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